October 14, 2014

Franklin Dress {blog tour}


Hello hello everyone!  Today I am happy to show off Ruby’s new Franklin Dress from the new Brooklyn Pattern Company.  The owner’s name is Erin and it’s the first pattern in the shop!  How exciting to be on a new adventure in pattern making!

blog tour line_up

The dress pattern comes in sizes 6 months-8 years.


I sewed up the size 12 months. 

Collage 2

Yes, I probably (or really, definitely) should have sewn a size down, but I really didn’t want her to grow out this soon. And though large on Ruby, I am glad that she gets to wear the dress for a while.  And as dresses this style go, it will be a perfect tunic length when she’s even older.   


She’s squatting a little in the picture above and below—it’s really not that long, though I did hem it a good 1.5” shorter than the pattern as is.  She’s teeny tiny for being 16 months old though, so I expected it would be large on her.


The pattern is drafted beautifully and professionally.  It says sewing difficulty is medium.  I thought at first that it was going to be easier than that, but once I got to the pleated yoke I did have to take some time to figure that out. 


I actually think a beginner would be able to make this dress if there were more pictures—I tend to like a combination of both illustrated and real photos. 


Just another tip--you will want to add interfacing to the buttonholes.  My fabric is thin and I wish I had added it and thought to add it before getting sewing farther.  I didn’t read ahead, and that was actually my problem because I didn’t think they were functioning buttons.  But they are :).  So I did make buttonholes and I did not interface them, and I do hope they don’t rip ;).  I’m sure she will actually add this portion to the pattern, as it would be a really easy addition.

This little chica...she just started walking at a bit over 15 months old and she did not want to hold still for the pictures at all.

When I did try to get her to hold still for just a second, I was met with this look.  She’s so funny.  75% of my pictures turned out blurry because she was everywhere.  I’m amazed I got any that she’s holding still in, like the sitting ones below.  She just didn’t sit there for longer than 2 seconds before off to the next adventure. 

DSC_0780           DSC_0818_1DSC_0828 
Overall I do recommend this pattern.  It is a fun design and the pleats on the yoke are adorable.  Just a lovely dress for little girls.

Pattern: Franklin Dress
Fabric:  Black Swiss dot fabric from a clearance target sundress I bought to repurpose, animal floral print was a gift from Dana of MADE a couple years ago (so I’m not sure where it’s from—pretty sure it’s a home decor as it’s definitely a canvas print)
Moccasins:  made by me with modified Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop 'Lil Papoose Moccasins, gold leather from Peggy Sue Also.

Want to win your own copy of the pattern?  Enter below!

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September 30, 2014

Joey Pattern Tour


Hello!  It’s been a while!  All I can say is, it’s a good thing I say yes occasionally to blog tours or I might never have an excuse to pull out my sewing machine these days. 


This sassy chica is sporting her latest favorite dress to wear, the Joey Dress.  It’s a pattern from Make It Perfect and it’s just awesome (I made their Coastal Breeze dress recently as well—see HERE).  It’s the perfect play dress for an active girl like Bailey. I really enjoyed sewing this dress.  It only took me about an hour and 15 minutes to complete from cutting to sewing.  I love results like these with little effort! 


The pattern comes in the Little Joey (size 0-5 years) and the Big Joey (size 6-10).  I made Bailey the size 7 and added about an inch to the bottom hem, just to make sure she’d have plenty of length for the next year she wears it.  She just turned 6 but she has a lot of dresses that fit her right now, so I wanted to make sure this would fit her for a while.   


You can tell that she likes the dress.  So many funny poses she comes up with. :)


The pattern is clear with polished instructions which make it very easy to understand.  The only thing I changed was the hem line mentioned above, and I also took off a little over 1/2” total on the neckband.  I wanted to make sure that it didn’t gap away from the body. 


There is also an adult version of this dress!  It’s called the Skippy.  And speaking of adult, who told this girl she could look so old in the picture below?! 


Alright, back to the zombie walking.  We’re good now ;).  Just FYI, the pattern also comes with a cowl neck option, as well as different sleeve lengths, so you could get multiple dresses that look different from each other if you play around with the options.  Love it!


The true test:  did she take it off when we got home from taking pictures?  Nope!  She threw on some skinny jeans under it and wore it the rest of the day.  And it looks adorable with skinny jeans underneath! It’d make a great tunic!  I can’t wait to layer it for fall once we hook Bailey up with some boots. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Pattern:  Joey Dress

Fabric:  Girl Charlee

September 2, 2014

Ash Jumpsuit for Kindergarten

Good morning everyone!


This beautiful, happy girl started kindergarten last week!  I am thrilled for her and she is loving it. Though I do admit to a few tears after dropping her off the first day—mine, not hers, thankfully!

The lovely and super talented Mie from Sewing Like Mad is running such a fun series called Sewing for Kindergarten, and it starts today :).   You should check out the series from last year—super inspiring! 

SFK 14 logo

Mie has some questions for those on the tour! 

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten?  Nope!  It’s my third. 

Did you feel like crying or celebrating?  As I mentioned above, I did cry, but not much.  She was just so excited and I love that it’s only 3 hours.  I wish school was that long every day for every grade. 

And what about your child?  I did worry about her crying when I dropped her off.  The day before we had all met in the classroom and she was the only one who didn’t want to sit at her desk and participate.  She clung to me and would not let me away from her side.  I was worried but she did great!  After her first day of school, I was putting her to bed and she sighed happily and said, “Maybe I will learn to read tomorrow!”  So optimistic.  I just love this age.

What type of school (public, private, homeschool) does your child attend?  She attends a wonderful elementary public school.  We love the teachers there and it’s super close to home!

What was your own first day of school like?  Hmmm, I don’t remember very much other than I felt similar to Bailey’s display of feelings.  I was excited but I was a very, very shy child.  And I got my name on the board the first day of school because some kid tried to kiss me, and I hit him.  And then I cried.   It was a bit traumatic.  I survived.  ;)

For Bailey’s outfit, I made her the Ash Jumpsuit.  She had asked for one as soon as she saw Ruby’s Jumpsuit.  It really is such a cute pattern.      DSC_0807 

Goodness, does this girl have some fun poses!  But she is just looking too grown up to me!


Then she gets all silly again and all is well in the world :).  DSC_0815

The fabric is THIS peach skin fabric (it has no stretch, just fyi) from Girl Charlee.  I lined it with some thin polyester since it was a little too see-through and no one needs to see Hello Kitty undies peeking through the jumpsuit.   


Bailey actually requested this jumpsuit for her first day of school.  And as much as I would have loved to oblige her, she told me the day before school and the stars did not align to make that possible.


I finally got it finished by the 4th day of school.  She’s such an optimistic little girl though, and it didn’t bother her at all.  She kept saying, “That’s ok mom, I’ll wear one of my other new shirts.”  Oh my goodness, I love this girl. She’s so sweet.


Her Frankenstein pose.  DSC_0858

I can just hear her laughing in this picture.  A mixture of pure joy and mischievousness.  DSC_0819

And because I let her dress herself, here is how she wore it to school last week.  Layered perfectly for fall.  (sorry about her hair—it was a windy day and this girl does NOT like to have bows, clips, etc in her hair typically).




Check out the line-up for the tour!

SFK 14 participants

Thank you so much for having me today, Mie!  I can’t believe Bailey is in kindergarten, but so far, so good!  It’s fun to watch your kids learn and blossom! 


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