April 12, 2010

Dollar Store Craft

I love the Dollar Store!  The only one in my town is Dollar Tree.  I got the candlestick and the bird there.  I had the fake pearls, the lace fabric, the frame (Ikea) and the spray paint already, so this project seriously was cheap. 

I sprayed the bird, lace, beads, and candlestick.  I got the idea to add the beads to the frame from Disney at Ruffles and Stuff.  She also mentioned how you can spray paint lace, so I did that as well.  What a great idea!  The lace in the frame was an idea from Trey and Lucy when she was on Ucreate with her earring holder.  Beautiful!  DSCF8307
These were also from the dollar store.  DSCF8308

I stuck some of the white things in with some Easter eggs that I hadn’t put away yet.  DSCF8310

The green “berries” I used with some green eggs.  DSCF8311

After everything was dry, I glued the beads around the frame.  Just so you are aware, the paint comes off the beads rather easily, so glue where you want and try not to move the beads too much.  You could, alternately, scrape the paint off the bottom of the bead that you are gluing and it might stick better. Maybe E6000 glue would work better.  Regardless, I only glued in the four corners:).  DSCF8309   DSCF8312 
Then I glued the bird on it’s little stand.  I thought about using some dark stain to make the details on the bird stand out more, but I decided I really love the white right now.  It’s so bright and happy with the aqua spray paint!  Plus it matched the milk glass better (thrifted for a buck).  So you can either stand the frame up for some background color, as shown here.  DSCF8322

Or use the frame as a base for the bird!  So easy.  DSCF8315


  1. I used that very same color of spray paint this weekend on a DI find...love it!

  2. i have seen so many craft projects with the dollar store birds but your white bird is my FAV!!

    thanks for sharing!


  3. Too Cute! I love those 2 colors together! I have an outfit that would match that. Not that you needed to know that... Too Cute! (again)

  4. I really love this, It is super cute and so easy. Thanks for the post!

  5. Super cute!! I noticed it in your house the other night and loved it!

  6. Totally cool bird!!! Love it!

  7. I love the sprayed lace. It's beautiful, Christie.

  8. Great job, well done! I love the pale blue with white ( one of my favorite combination). Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  9. So pretty! I love the blue, so refreshing. I love dollar stores, I always find something everytime when I am there.

  10. sooo cute and fresh looking for spring! great idea! ...glad I found this blog. I found you from mommaskindacrafty!

  11. Super cute! I love baby blue and white.

  12. Adorable! I'm loving birds this year and your project is perfect! It doesn't look like a dollar store project at all-looks way fancier!

    This would make a perfect addition to our "Bring Spring" linky party going on at our blog at scrapsnstrings.blogspot.com! Link up if you are interested.


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