May 17, 2010

Sewing Through the Decades: 1900 through 2010

I was a little hesitant to do this challenge because I don't have a ton of readers. I sure love the ones I have though!!! So I decided it will be fun regardless of how many people play along.

As I was researching antiques, fedora's, hounds tooth fabric, damask fabric, etc. for a few recent posts, I was getting super excited looking at the fashions of years past. This last week with the Elsie Marley challenge was a blast, and I wanted to have something to look forward to in the coming months.

And thus, the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge was born. The challenge will be for 11 weeks, broken up into decades. The challenge will start May 30th, so mark your calendars! What is the challenge? To sew a period piece from each decade. Each decade will run for a week, starting with 1900-1909. Sounds fun, right?!

I will be linking to some websites this next week with ideas to help inspire you. You can play along each week, or just play along when you can. You don't necessarily have to stick to the decade going on that week. If you only get 2-3 things done in that whole time, that's great! Share your pictures with everyone else!

You can definitely pick and choose which decades interest you the most. No project is too big or too small for this! And let your imagination run wild! There isn’t a right or wrong way to be inspired by a period piece! The point is to appreciate all the wonderful fashions that have gone before us and be inspired by them for our own projects!

You can sew clothes for yourself, your significant other, friends, kids, whoever. You can make hats, gloves, or other accessories! Upload it to my Flickr group (aka Your Lemon Squeezy Home), linking to your blog if desired, also making sure to give proper credit to where you got your idea from or what inspired you, if anything. Just make sure to keep it clean and fun for everyone!

Please help me spread the word! Grab your favorite button, and link to this post! Sewing Through the Decades will run from May 30th to August 14th.

*Updated to add:  Schedule has been altered.  Click here to see the change of plans:). 


Here's the breakdown of the weeks:
May 30th - June 5th: 1900-1909
June 6th - June 12th: 1910-1919
June 13th - June 19th: 1920-1929
June 20th - June 26th: 1930-1939
June 27th - July 3rd: 1940-1949
July 4th - July 10th: 1950-1959
July 11th - July 17th: 1960-1969
July 18th - July 24th: 1970-1979
July 25th - July 31st: 1980-1989
August 1st - August 7th: 1990-1999
August 8th - August 14th: 2000-2010
Each week I will showcase some of my favorite projects and photos from the Flickr group.

I wish that I had some awesome prizes to offer. I wish that we could make it a fun contest, but honestly, with the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, I realized that I did it for my kids and that was really a lot of fun. Rather than be worried about winning anything, let’s just have a no pressure sewing experience (that’s not to say I won’t ever try a contest with this idea).
Leave a comment letting me know if you'd like to play along!

P.S. I'm so happy with the sewing machine graphic! I did it with my HEAVY old Singer machine on my lap! My first graphic:). Aren't you proud? I do need to credit Scrapbook Factory Deluxe for the backgrounds on the buttons, and I hope that I won't get in trouble using them!!! I just didn't have a clue how to add cute backgrounds other than a plain color!


  1. I think this is such a great idea! What a way to learn new design elements and ideas. I don't have a sewing machine until June but I will be sure to try something during the course of this challenge.

  2. Here is an interesting link to a description of fashion from 1900-2000. It might be worth checking out!

  3. I hope to participate! I def. will not be able to do everything, but I really hope to do some!

  4. Oh Em Gee, I just realized I have been thinking about leg-0-mutton sleeves lately. This might be the perfect opportunity!:)

  5. Ok! I was only able to crank out 2 pieces of clothing for kids week with Elsie Marley, so I can play along with this new challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to do much more!

  6. it's fun looking at fashion through the decades - great idea !

  7. What a fun idea! Awesome job on the buttons! I think your fine using SFD's backgrounds as long as you are not selling them. I am excited to see all of the great projects that come of this and to see the future graphics you put together with SFD!:)

  8. I think you've got more readers than you realize! I subscribe to your blog in Google Reader, and in addition to your 400 followers, you've got another 600 of us in Reader, plus all the people who just read it the old-fashioned way :)

  9. This is such an interesting and fun idea. I will definitely be watching and trying to participate!

  10. This is such a fun idea! You're starting it right when I'm starting finals week, but I'll try to play along best I can :-)

  11. Love this idea! I'm totally playing along! I'll put it on my blog this weekend.


    kerstin @

  12. I'm going to try and participate. It's making me nervous though. I'm still learning "real" sewing. The fun part will be pouring over old photos of my grandmother for the first challenge.

  13. I think this sounds like a lot of fun. I remember finding a site that had free patterns for kids clothes from a long time ago.

    Anything from 1940 - present is pretty easy to find on Etsy.

    I'm in! I might not be able to do every decade but I will do a few.

    I might be making some doll clothes too...Gotta be realistic!

    I'll post that link if I can find it.

  14. I would love to be a part! not sure how much I will get done but I know just seeing what everyone else is making will be tons of fun!!

  15. This sounds like fun! I definitely won't be able to do every week but it will be fun to do a few!

  16. What a fun idea. I will be watching.

  17. Oh fun!!!
    I cant wait till it starts and to see what everyone else makes.

    This is going to be great!

  18. This challenge is amazing, the graphic is amazing, pretty much you are amazing, and what really is alot of followers, right? :)

  19. i'm def try to do some stuff! loved this idea!! i have a lil sewing machine (a sew mini janome), but i'l try. And dont think that you dont have too many readers, cause u do! and international ones! well, at least me (i'm from brazil n i love ur blog). anyway, cant wait to get started. cya =D

  20. cute idea. I sew with my mother's sewing machine from the seventies. Does that count?

  21. Great idea!!! Love the graphic! :)

  22. Oh, I love this challenge! I hosted a crafting through the '80s challenge last year that was super fun.

    Unfortunately, I don't sew clothes or with a machine, but I'd love to join in especially the '70s and '80s. Maybe I'll make some accessories or crochet some items instead if that is okay. If not, I'll just look at everyone's awesome designs!

  23. This sounds so fun! I'll do what I can, but it might not be much. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

  24. How come I didn't know about this little secret of yours? It's fabulous! I can't tell you how much I LOVE this idea and I am totally gonna play along.... my wheels are turning!


  25. My friend just sent me a link to your challenge, I'm new to seeing what you're up to. I LOVE this idea!! I will be playing along as much as possible, but with limited time and stash, I'll be focusing on smaller pieces, like maybe undergarments or kids clothes. So excited!!!

  26. What a great idea!

    I'd like to participate as much as I can.

  27. Sounds fun! I have a project right now that fits in the 1910-1920 category. I hope I can get it done in a week.

  28. I just found your blog! Great blog, btw! This challenge sounds like so much fun! I'm not going to make the start this week, but I am hoping to join in next week! Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates! Thanks for doing this!

  29. Just came across your site great idea would love to get in on the fun

  30. Great idea! I'd love to join! :)

  31. Hi Christie!

    I just found this post a few days ago and I've decided to do it also. Better late than never eh? I'll be adding my creations to your flickr pool also - although I am focusing on mens and boys fashions!

    You can check out my intro post here


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