January 21, 2011

“You Must Allow Me to Tell You How Ardently I Admire and Love You” : Free Printable

HUGE shout-out to Cheri of I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar for teaching us how to make printables on Picnik!  You can find out how to create your own by using her tutorial here.  Thank you so much, Cheri!  It was just what I needed at just the right time!  DSCF4396

You see, the day she posted her Picnik tutorial on making printables, I was looking through a Pottery Barn magazine and recognized one of my favorite quotes from Pride and PrejudiceHere is what I saw in the Pottery Barn magazine, and only for $9.00 (which I would totally pay for this!):Quote Jewelry Dish

Isn’t it lovely?  I admit, I am a romantic sap.  I love romantic novels and movies!


I knew right then and there that this quote would become incorporated into my Valentine’s Day d├ęcor.  I was going to just use my Scrapbook Factory Deluxe program like I normally do to create a printable, but this method Cheri used in Picnik worked great and was faster than SFD


Each file is saved as an 8x10.   Send it to your favorite photo shop and for around $3.00 later, you have a nice, romantic quote to hang up and remind your husband to say things like that to you. 

Mine printed darker than I would have liked, but our Wal-mart is known to print dark (maybe they all do???).  I’ll try Costco next time.

To download the normal turquoise and red one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote printable

For the gray one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote grey

And for the faded gray one, click here:Mr. Darcy Quote faded one

For the green textured one, click here:Mr. Darcy green textured


I’m so excited to have this quote framed:). DSCF4392

What is your favorite version of Pride and Prejudice?  Mine is the one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, thanks to my wonderful college roommates!  

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  1. CUTE!! I keep meaning to check out her post about making your own printables, but I worry it will be over my head. Oh and now I want to watch Pride and Prejudice again. :)

  2. This is so cute!! It's one of my favorite quotes from that book too. :) What a great printable - thanks so much for sharing it!
    It's really hard to pick my favorite version - I love the Colin Firth but the Kyra Sedgewick is really good too. Have you ever seen the 1940 version with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier? Sooo Good!!
    Now I've rambled all over this comment. :)

  3. Colin Firth all the way. Have you read Austinland? Its all about a girl who is obssessed with Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth.

    Love this, what a super cute idea.

  4. It is your favorite version because it is the best! and the 6 hours make it a great sick/rainy day movie. Now I want to watch it!

  5. This is very cute Christie!

    I saw another thing like this that you can print at Costco...I think it ends up being 16x20 or something, but you can still purchase a cheap frame and it is very cute too:


  6. Thanks so much for sharing these! I adore that movie and your bit about reminding our husbands to say nice things like that made me laugh. Glad I'm not the only one who has to nudge sometimes.

  7. I don't think the versions of P&P are comparable. The A&E version is just so far superior on every single level of awesomeness. The end.

  8. ooooohhh! That's my favorite version, too!!!!
    I love to pop that in and sew all day long watching it!

    Thanks for the cute printable. I love the green textured one!

  9. Yours turned out AWESOME. I love it! I think you're right about Wal-mart. Everything I've ever printed at mine is super saturated and overly dark. Yours still looks great, though. Awesome work.


  10. Love it. Me and my husband have serious fight over which version of Pride and Prejudice is better. He taught film and loves the new version. I've been watching the old since high school. It's my favorite movie ever. I hate the new version and refuse to watch it.
    thanks for sharing your printable.

  11. Love it - absolutely Colin Firth version. love the quote, thanks for posting. I am new to all the crafting blogs but love your tutorials and have tried some, sewing - another passion of mine but never enough time to dedicate to it.

  12. I love Pride and Prejudice! I was soooo excited when I saw this! Thank you so much for sharing! And now I am going to pull out my P&P book and movies and read/watch them all over again! :D

  13. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm off to find the perfect frame!

  14. I love the long version too! But the one with Kierra Knightly is good too;-)

  15. as you know, I agree on the WalMart printing dark. But it's convenient, so what can you do?

    SUPER cute, though. Love that book and movie. And Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy for me.

  16. This is fantastic! I ready Pride and Prejudice in high school and have read it several times since... Love. And I agree with Sabra - Colin is Mr. Darcy, definitely.

  17. so fun! thanks!!!

    I have heard that all walmarts are dark ;)

  18. I love this!!!!

    I've featured you before, but I couldn't resist showing off your idea on my blog- I've linked this on my Sunday Six list of awesome reading for the week.


    headstrong, obstinate girl ---->

  19. I love this - I'm going to have to try it out.
    Pride and Prejudice (same version) is one of my favorite movies and books of all time. I think I might like Persuasion a teensy bit better.

  20. Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy to me, but I have to say that I could listen to the soundtrack from the Kiera Knightley version all day long!
    Love this idea, thanks!

  21. I love that quote! Yay for cheesy, cute, and romantic! And Cheri's post was very helpful!

    I awarded you something. Check it out {here}! :)

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

  22. Love, love, love this project!!! I saw that quote and I immediately knew it. I swooned! I swoon every time I hear that part of the book/movie - especially when spoken by collin firth! That yummy man! I am so gonna make this project so I can swoon some more.

  23. I'm sorry to declare you all wrong, but the BBC 1980 version is THE BEST! It is the most thorough and accurate in my opinion. Although I do really love the '95 one too. Collin does makes a better Mr Darcy than David Rintoul. And the new one can only be appreciated if you have read the book or seen the longer movies. They leave SO MUCH out!

  24. This is awesome! I'm so girly, that's my favorite part of Pride and Prejudice! Thanks for the printables! They are absolutely adorable!

  25. I love that quote and you did a great job. I came up with a printable too from her tutorial but haven't had a minute to post anything about it.Isn't Cheri is inspiring? :)

    I love your green textured one.

  26. IS there another version???? ;o) oooo I just luv it!

  27. Ooh I just saw this & LOVED it!! I want to make it & keep it up year round! :) LOVE P&P!!

  28. Thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Thank you so much for sharing! Your work is beautiful! I have just posted on my blog a list of my favourite Valentine’s Day printables and I have included this Pride and Prejudice quote with a link directly to your blog. If you have a moment, please swing by my blog and have a look! http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/2012/01/free-valentines-day-printables.html

    PS..I am now one of your new loyal followers! Cath from Home is Where my Heart is

  30. Your site to contains wonderful stuff on Easter Quotes. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Thank you so much for the printable!! I LOVE IT!!! Turquoise and red just happen to be the colors I'm using to accent my master bedroom redo ;) In a matter of minutes I printed and framed it. My first step to a more beautiful room...that's a little more me :) Thanks!!

  32. We have to give you a huge shout out…we bragged about you in our collection of 140 FABULOUS VALENTINE PRINTABLES ROUND-UP. We love your darling creative printable and we had to share your awesome-ness! Take a peek –> http://www.thedatingdivas.com/holidays/valentines-day/valentines-day-roundup-140-free-printables/ xox


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