August 29, 2011

Shorten Long Sleeves: Tutorial

In case you missed this when I posted this at On the Laundry Line, here it is!  I realize that it's shortly going to be moving into cooler weather, but around here in Utah it is still very hot!


I found some long sleeved shirts at Wal-mart for $2.00.

First, take your shirt and measure about 4” down and cut, making sure you have your cut at the same angle as the original sleeve is cut.

So I cut four inches down, then a cut 1” from that, then another cut 3/4” inch from there.  See picture below. CSC_0549

Now just layer the 3/4” strip on top of the 1” strip. DSC_0541-1

Pin to shirt sleeve, making sure to line up seams.DSC_0537-1

Sew closely to either edge of the 3/4” strip.  I realize that my stitching is crooked, but since it’s an unfinished edge now, I think it works.DSC_0539-1

You could do the same thing, even more simplified with just a 1” strip.DSC_0550-1DSC_0552-1

B was excited it matched her purple headband.DSC_0542

She even let you see her cheesiest grin she could muster :). 

Yay for a couple more summer shirts for super cheap!DSC_0548-1

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  1. this is a great idea ~ one in which I'll keep for future reference :)

  2. I bought that same purple shirt a while ago and cutted the long sleeve too! It's amazing the money we can save just by knowing how to sew!!!!

  3. I love how the sleeves aren't "normal". the cut fabric really gives it a cute detail. :)

  4. Very great idea! You could do the same thing to shorten leggings to shorts! Thanks for the idea!

  5. i totally did this on a bunch of my kids shirts after you posted it on the other blog. it worked like a snap and they all look so good.

  6. What a clever idea. The "new" shirts are very cute!

  7. good idea .... thanks ¡¡¡
    and very pretty model =)
    saludos desde Chile

  8. Ha, my baby has that yellow shirt :) I may just have to do that! Found you through Ucreate today and am a new follower!

  9. Not bad, this could come in handy around here when it warms up finally.

  10. THANK YOU!!!!I love this idea. I repupose adult shirts for my three year old and this is perfect for thoses "rocker" type tees, Just a little edge but a finished look. It is also a good idea for boy shirts. It is hard to find a fun way to finish hems for boys. I was thinking of stacking colors in a mulity colored shirt.

  11. Christie - I love this idea and it is super cute. I plan to try it to shorten sleeves on some shirts for my son since it isn't too girly. :) I included this post in a round-up on my blog today. Come check it out when you have a chance!

    Krissy @


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