December 21, 2011

Fabric Tray + Lego Base = A Christmas Present

DSC_0074-1So guess what?  My laundry is mostly caught up—just a couple loads from yesterday to do.  Yay!  My house is clean besides the bathrooms, which are on my list today, and I have about 10 more presents for my extended family to wrap and I then I will be all ready for Christmas! 

Today we are making gingerbread men with some friends and my kids and I will have a little movie night tonight and they will be sleeping under the Christmas tree.  I love when they don’t have school and how much more laid-back and fun it is around the house without homework and all the busy-ness that comes along with school.

My handmade gift for the boys this Christmas is a fabric tray using Anna of Noodlehead’s tutorial HERE and…


I bought a blue lego base on Amazon to fit inside.


Now my kids can transport their legos around and those pesky tiny pieces are less likely to be lost in the process.  I’m especially excited for them to use them in the car because that seems to be the place legos are lost most often!


The trays were extremely quick and easy to make as well.  Great beginner project! 


I hope your Christmas plans are coming together and you are enjoying these last few days before Christmas!


  1. oh what a good idea for lego storage. That way if they want to take enough to build something in front of the tv, or anywhere, they can just scoop up what they need and go! Smart idea! They look good.

  2. One word...AWESOME!!!!!!
    My Lego-maniac would love this!!! It'll have to wait til after Christmas though...but definitely on my '2012 To Do List'! Thanks!!

  3. such a great idea to add the trays to the baseplates!! you are a genius!

  4. Wow! That is such a clever and darling idea! I have a baby nephew that will be born in a couple months. This is a fun idea to store away for a gift for him!


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