March 6, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party: Part Two

Click HERE for Part One. 



The idea was to get in teams of two and using just a piece of twine, somehow tie Yoda to you with your partner’s help. Then draw an activity out of the cup and if you can do that activity without touching Yoda with your hands, then you passed. To figure out some fun animals to act like, I typed in “weird star wars animals”. That did the trick.


Tying him on someone turned out to take way too long their attention, so we decided to just put Yoda in the hood of their robes and had them perform the task. It was so cute to see how seriously these kids took the tasks!


Next we played Save Princess Leia!


I printed out two storm troopers onto cardstock using an image found HERE, making sure to leave enough space at the bottom for the ‘stand’. Next I cut them out with the strip at the bottom, looped it together, and taped it to form the stand.












Then we shot the storm troopers with nerf guns. They had fun with this game and wanted to try again and again.


Funny enough, my three year old was the first one to hit one down. I think it’s because of the look on her face.


Next we were off to free Han Solo from the Carbonite he was stuck in!


We don’t have any Han Solo action figures, and I didn’t want to pay $9.00 for one, so I decided to just print off a couple of him (picture found HERE) and laminated him twice to make sure the water didn’t soak through and ruin him. Being made of paper however posed the problem of him floating, so I sanded the back of the laminate a little bit and stuck a waterproof bandaid to the back of him and it worked!


I colored the water to try and look like carbonite but he ended up looking like he was stuck in jello, which, by the way, was another idea I found along the way, Han Solo in Jello to eat. Funny.



The kids split up into two teams. We laid a towel and cookie sheet under each pie dish with frozen Solo. I gave each kid a spoon, and each team got a small cup and a pitcher of warm water. They chipped away and chipped away and poured water and chipped some more. They loved this game!


Darth Vader was taped outside our house for them to spray with silly string.


Next time I’d splurge and get every kid a can of their own.  These were at the Dollar Store but I was trying to save a few dollars and only bought three cans.  They had a lot of fun spraying, but they would have had a lot more fun if they had their own can.


To make the Darth Vader at home, I saved THIS picture on my computer and opened it in Microsoft Paint.  Then you click on file and page setup.  Mark the box fit to and change that to make the picture print large on sheets to tape together to make one big picture.  Easy!

Fullscreen capture 352012 115924 PM.bmp

I have to say some of the kids were a pretty good aim, ha ha!


The last game was Light Saber Training.


Each child was given their foam light saber and a balloon, and they were supposed to make sure the balloon didn’t touch the ground.  I’m convinced the kids could have played with the light sabers the entire time!  But when asking my kids which their favorite games were, they all named different games from the other.


And lastly, the kids were “dubbed” real Jedi Knights by Dillon.  They were given these certificates. 

DSC_0934 - Copy


The birthday boy was so sweet during all the preparations and kept telling me thank you and how great everything looked and that he loved me.  I think he felt loved, too, which is what I was going for!


  1. This is such a great party!!! You did an awesome job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the free han solo game. That is just the best! And your daughter's face is just awesome!

  2. What a great party! Looks like the kids had a fantastic time. Your daughter's face is priceless. It just brought a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic ideas! I love that each kid got a certificate at the end of the party. Your daughter's face is priceless!!

  4. What great games! The Darth Vader picture made me laugh out loud! :)

  5. You are amazing Christie! My boys would love this party!

  6. Great Party!!!

    I love the picture of your daughter with the nerf gun. SO stinkin cute. And the one of you sewing the jedi robes. I have been there and my back killed. Great party!

  7. you are so incredibly amazing! love this party, and so did my kid :O)

  8. Very impressive and inspiring. Well done. We have some big Star Wars fans in our home, and some of your activities would be fun to do outside of a party set up.

  9. This is awesome! What great ideas. The look on your 3 year old's face is my favorite though :)

  10. Where sid you find the postwe of "May the force be with you? I am looing for something lust like it. Thanks!!

  11. Amber, I think in another post about the party, I explain the poster. It's just black wrapping paper with stars I punched out taped on, and I used my silhouette to cut out the letters. :)

  12. Hi loved your party ideas! I'm having a Star Wars party for my little Jedi who is turning 4 and was wondering where you got the Star Wars font from for the food and decorations?? Thanks!

  13. Hi loved the party!!! Where did you get the Star Wars Font for the snacks and decorations??

  14. Hi. LOVED the party!! Was wondering if you are able to share the certificates for printing.
    Thanks in Advance for your response, Tami


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