April 12, 2012

Easter 2012


I made Mr. Zippy’s tie using THIS tutorial from Sharing the Wealth (and yes, it’s too long by my own fault, but I just need to re-tie it and it will work).  I made Sunshine’s bow tie using my own pattern found HERE, and for Poppy, I bought a dress at Old Navy about a month ago (cheater, I know, but I LOVE it) and just made a quick bow for her hair to match.  I hope your Easter was great! 


Also, I’m kind of floored that my easy peasy shirt made it into the ‘top of the tops’ of week two for Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong, because well, there are a lot I consider much better than mine, ha!  But go vote for your favorite, and I’m most certainly not asking you to vote for mine!  Voting closes this Friday at 12 noon EST.


  1. wahoo on your top!
    And super cute kids :)

  2. yay for matching cute Easter kids. I managed to get some ties for my boys too!

    They look darling!

  3. voted. i LOVE your shirt..i'm definitely trying it out..where did you find your fabric?

  4. I just had to comment because your Easter photos look so much like mine! Two older boys and littlest girl standing in front of a fence: http://coreymoortgat.blogspot.com/2012/04/obligatory-easter-pics.html

    Although your cuties are dressed a little more stylishly than mine!!


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