May 22, 2012

Baby Girl and Baby Boy: Gift Ideas with Printable


I have a few friends I’ve been meaning to send baby gifts to, and now their babies are getting so old!  I feel a little silly taking so long to do it, but I guess it’s better late than never! 


For the flower cards, I made a some flower clips using THIS tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional, though I sewed parts of my flowers because the glue wasn’t holding very well.  I have an accuquilt cutter, but you could just use any flower you make and glue it to a barrette or clip to use with the card.  Just cut a small slit and clip onto the card!  The barrette shows inside the card, but it doesn’t bother me. You could always add paper inside the card to cover the barrettes up. 



Next I needed to think of something simple for a baby boy.


I used my silhouette machine to cut out the glasses shape (found HERE).  You could easily take the glasses clip art and use freezer paper and fabric paint (or acrylic works also as long as you heat set the paint). 


Finally, they are off to the post office today!  Just in time for the next round of babies to be born ;).




Green and Turquoise Baby Girl

Green and Coral Baby Girl

Good Looking Kid


  1. so stinking cute!!!!

  2. Cute ideas! I love making baby gifts. I'll have to try these sometime.

  3. They are soo cute Christie!! I love the cards too. :)

  4. I just got Natalie's today! THANK YOU! I love love that fabric you used. I want to wear it! :) Such a lovely idea and great gift. Thank you Christie!

  5. I know he's not quite big enough, but I couldn't help but put the glasses shirt on Drummer yesterday. SO cute! Thank you :)

  6. I LOVE the clips! especially the way you presented them on the little fun!


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