September 25, 2012

Ninjago Party: Part One

Mr. Zippy turned a whoppin’ 9 years old a couple weeks ago.  I can’t believe I have a 9 year old!!!  And don’t even remind me that our time with him is half-way over or I might cry.

PicMonkey Collage ninjago

picture source

He is still obsessed with all things Lego, especially Ninjago.  What fun we had planning this party!



For the invitations, I found a Ninjago image online and used picmonkey and picasa to add the blue bubble box and the text, which I downloaded for free—it’s called Last Ninja.  I made them into 4x6 photos so I didn’t use all my printer ink. 




I found a few sites that used Ninja eyes on balloons (more info on the eyes in the party favor section below).


I made tons of these asian paper laterns and hung them up on our stairs leading to the door and also in the back with the canopy. 


I did my best to paint Japanese symbols onto white poster board (try Dollar Tree—they are $0.50 each).  Inspired by some great decorations HERE, by painting them myself rather than getting posters printed saved some money.  I just used a foam brush and black acrylic paint and looked up the symbols HERE.  The one on the front door is supposed to mean Welcome Ninjas. 


The ones hanging on the canopy mean things like “Ninja”, “Victory”, “Samaria”, etc. 


It was WINDY and I was so worried the decorations would tear, rip, and blow away.  Surprisingly, everything held up perfectly.  I hung the boards with some thick twine, tying a not through a hole punched in the corners.




I found tons and tons of great ideas online for decorations, but my budget and time were short, so these decorations worked great! The canopy was awesome for decorating and having some shade in the backyard—I just borrowed it from a neighbor since we didn’t have one. 



I never really go all out on food.  I’d love to, but again, time and money are always an issue, so we keep the food simple.  I printed out a Ninjago shuriken that I found online and enlarged, placed it under wax paper and traced the shape with melted white chocolate that had a little yellow food coloring added. 



Also, inside their favor bags were these fun pretzel nunchucks made by dipping pretzel rods in melted chocolate and adding twizzler pull and peel while the chocolate is still soft.  I found that idea HERE.



party favors

I first saw the idea HERE to put Ninja eyes on party favor bags. 


I used THIS image (pinned HERE), made it into a 4x6 photo, and sent it off to Walmart so again, I didn’t use up my printer’s ink. I also used THIS site to find out how to write the kids’ names in Japanese (I’m sure they aren’t 100% accurate!). 


I found these pirate swords at Dollar Tree and spray painted them gold.


I found another fun idea on THIS blog, where she directs you to THIS website.  I omitted inappropriate or too violent ones, printed them off and rolled them up with black and red embroidery thread.


My favorite party favor was a t-shirt!  I was planning on making some quick ninja masks until I saw all the right color t-shirts at Dollar Tree.  I was thrilled because I had just found out on YouTube that you can tie a t-shirt to look just like a ninja mask, so it was saving me time and money by buying t-shirts for a buck each!  I grabbed the t-shirts and also took a series of pictures to make into a collage so the kids would know how to tie their masks once they got home.

September 2012DSC_0340

In their bags: the chocolate nunchucks, an origami star from a game we played (more about that on part two), their gold sword, the ninja wisdom scroll, their t-shirt (not pictured), a picture of the collage showing how to tie their shirts into the mask (not pictured), and a fortune cookie.



The best sources of inspiration for me were the following places:

Wants and Wishes

Craft Interrupted

Hostess with the Mostess


Next time I’ll post about the games we played.  Have a great day!


  1. Awesome job! I bet the boys thought it was amazing. What a cool party and a cool mom.


  2. Holy Cow! That is amazing!! Really you went all out! I'm sure the kids loved it. My son (10) also loves Ninjago. You have some great ideas here I may need to borrow :)

  3. Kael came home and told me how cool the cupcakes were. He was super impressed with the whole thing. As am I. You're amazing!

  4. My son would seriously lose his mind over this party! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  5. Wow so cool! It looks like fun!

    Xo Jill

  6. Over the top amazing. What a fantastic job!!!! My son wants to be Kai for Halloween so I tried the ninja mask this morning. Huge success (except now he wants to be the green ninja of course). I wish I could show you the pic I took. Priceless. Thanks for your great ideas!

  7. I wanted to stop by to say thank you for all of your fun Ninjago Party ideas! I had a Ninjago party for my boys this past weekend and your blog was pretty much where I got all of my ideas! Thank you!! I made your Shuriken Cupcakes for the party and put them on my blog today. I linked people over here to find out how to make them. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

  8. thanks for the great t-shirt ninja mask tutorial! we were just about to cut holes in our snow hats when we found your website and the t-shirts worked perfectly! you rock

  9. I just finished mine and I was looking for some ideas and your website gave me some.

    Party Venues


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