September 27, 2012

Ninjago Party: Part Two

(find part one HERE)

PicMonkey Collage ninjago

Onto the fun!  I feel like the most effort should be put into the games since that is what my kids always look the most forward to and what they talk about after the party is over.

While the guests arrived, we watched a pretty cheesy awesome karate training video Mr. Zippy has had for a while.  Once everyone was there, we started off with Weapon Making.  DSC_0392

We had recently checked out a book from the library on balloon twisting and since my kids were so thrilled with pretty much anything that stayed in the shape they wanted it to, I thought it would be fun to let the kids make their own “weapons” out of twisty balloons at the party.  The balloons I found at Zurchers for $1.99, about 20 balloons in the pack. 


Some of the kids made up their own weapons, while others wanted me to show them how to make one of the two shown above.



The kids LOVED making their balloons.  The only thing that wasn’t too great was that the balloons popped on the grass easily.  So by the time I took this picture most of their balloons had popped after 5 minutes.  Bummer.  Some of the kids got smart and just put them in their party favor bags.


Next we played ‘Ninja Ambush’, as named by the birthday boy himself.  I made 8 origami stars (using THIS and a youtube video to help me out, which I can’t find the one I watched right now). 


I printed off a bunch of Ninjago bad guys and taped them onto paper towel and toilet paper tubes.  I also snuck some heavier items into Lord Garmadon so he was the most difficult to knock over ;). 


It was windy, as I said in the first post, so we had to move them closer to the house so they wouldn’t blow over.  And look, I was there AND I matched the party with my red skinnies and black shirt!


Next, we played ‘Sensei Wu Says’.  You can print Sensei Wu’s beard on Craft Interrupted.  She used it as a photo op for a fun photo booth.  I used for Sensei Wu Says, like Simon Says, and still took pictures of each of the kids with the hat and beard to send to the parents.  I bought the hat at Asian City in West Jordan for $2.99. 


I was surprised at how much they liked this game.  I was hoping it wouldn’t be a flop, but the kids were very creative and laughed a lot through the whole game.  Especially when they were Sensei Wu and made everyone do something when they didn’t say, “Sensei Wu says…”.  So funny.  Little boys are so much fun.


Our last game was Ninja Training.  They had to run up the slide, through the swings, jump over the black tub you see in the picture below, manuever through the string, run under the trampoline and around, jump on the trampoline, and show us their best Ninja moves.  They got SO serious about their times!  This idea was also borrowed from Craft Interrupted (I’m telling you, she went all out and it was such a fun party she put on for her boy!). 



The kids had so much fun!  It’s always so rewarding to see them all get along and really get into the games you decide on.  

Next week I’ll post Poppy’s butterfly party.  Her birthday is just 8 days after Mr. Zippy’s, so it was a busy week around here!


  1. hilarious! I just had to pin this in case my little boy grows up with a love of ninjago or ninjas! What a fun party.

  2. My son loves Ninjago and his birthday is in December. This is perfect. Great job! Thanks for all teh links, as well. Found you from I am Momma-Hear Me Roar.

  3. Fantastic!!! I had a reader comment on my party that she saw it linked here and had to come check it out. You did such a great job!! Love your Sensei Wu beard pics : D
    Ninja on Mama!

  4. Oh, very clever! Everything you did seemed very doable and not insane, which is nice and refreshing in planning kids' parties. Great job, mama!

  5. Great party! Please can you let me know, where did you print off the Ninjago bad guys pictures? Send na email to with the link fi you can please:-). Thanks a lot:-)


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