November 2, 2012

Happy {late} Halloween! and Improv Sewing book Winner

Better late than never!  Since I didn’t make the kids anything for their costumes this year, I wasn’t as motivated to blog about it, but they still looked cute so here they are.

We had a Jedi, a butterfly, and a vampire.


Mr. Zippy, the Jedi got to use things we had already.  I did make the robe earlier this year, from THIS Star Wars birthday party.


Sunshine chose to be something scary, unlike past years.  He had fun wearing his teeth ALL night.  Ouch!  We found the top of his costume at Walmart for $6.97.  Score!  I had thought about making something for just him since the other two were set, but that $7 bucks was worth every penny.  DSC_0289


And Poppy made a beautiful butterfly.  I got this costume on an after Halloween sale last year for like $4.00.  Another score. DSC_0291


I did have a much more relaxing Halloween than last year, though I did love that they all wanted to be Harry Potter characters last year.  Sewing costumes can be fun, but with our vacation (blogging about later) and my procrastination, I wasn’t looking as forward to it this year, so was happy with how it all came together.


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, for those that have it! 


The winner of the Improv Sewing book was #3:  wannesraps said:  The book looks interesting.



  1. Your kids are *adorable* :) I've been meaning to tell you that for a long time now but I lurk more than I comment :D

  2. Haha, cuutee!! >w<
    Ooh, that's such a bargain for the butterfly outfit! ^^


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