December 18, 2012

Christmas Present: Special Dates Print

I saw this idea on pinterest, but THIS one was my favorite (though the link goes no where), mostly because of the little saying at the bottom: “what a difference a day makes”.  It makes such a simple, but meaningful gift I think.  All I had to do was ask those receiving one for their special dates…if the print is for a younger couple it can be even more specific, like the day they first met, first kiss, etc.

So last week I whipped these up in Microsoft Word.  I changed the page size to 8x10 so that the words would be centered and also not too close to the sides.  I also changed the margins to narrow, and put a small black border around it. 


It took me a while with the first one, getting the lines evened up and the font sizing right.  But once I had one finished, the others were really easy.  I made sure to save each family’s separately in case anything was wrong or a child is added in the future. 


To make the lines perfectly even, I made a vertical line to line up all the horizontal lines on either side, then deleted it after making sure.

Fullscreen capture 12182012 101724 AM.bmp

I also did the same with lining up the vertical lines on either side of the event words, so one side wasn’t slightly higher than the others.

Fullscreen capture 12182012 101939 AM.bmp

Once printed, I cut them down to 8x10, stuck them in frames, and they were all finished.


Here are the fonts I used:

Dates:  Lullaby, font size 70
Event:  Lobster 2, font size 16
Quote at bottom:  Traveling Typewriter, font size 16 (with Lobster 2 for the word ‘day’ in font size 18)

Since I had 6 dates for each print, that made it even easier because I could use the same size font for each one.  Score!

I hope they like them! 

I am scrambling getting some last minute gifts finished up.  It’s not like Christmas is a big surprise every year, but yet, I’m still a procrastinator every year.  But as long as I’m having fun, it’s ok, right?!


  1. I LOvE this idea! Great job Christie. I think my husband and I need one of these. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, this is a great idea! I want one for myself too!

  3. I love that! And I love that you can reprint it if more children come along, since some of us don't know if we're done yet. :-)

  4. I love how you labeled what each date was. So cute! Hope you're feeling better, too!


  5. Weellll.... I think you have a better excuse for your procrastination this year than most of us! Hope you are feeling better!!

  6. LOVE the fonts you chose :) Looks awesome!

  7. Love how these turned out. You are so good at personal gifts. I may beg to borrow your template and make one for us!

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    Kathy Shea Mormino

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