January 29, 2013

Chevron Baby Blanket


My good friend just had an adorable baby boy last week.  Her nursery colors are gray and light orange.  I have had “make something with chevron fabric” on my list of things I wanted to sew for a while, so thought this was a great chance to splurge on some fun Riley Blake cotton. 


I used a twin needle around the edges with two different tones of orange. 


I used THIS soft n comfy fabric at Joann for the backing—I love the subtle stripes. 


I actually would love to buy some of THIS knit from Girl Charlee (thanks for the tip on where to get some really fun knit, Jess!) and try this blanket out with knit rather than cotton, so it doesn’t wrinkle as easily.  But I also don’t know if that would work with the knit being less sturdy than cotton.  I’ll give it a trial run perhaps, maybe for this baby.


I have two more blankets needing to be finished soon.  The darn Christmas quilt and I’ve started crocheting a blanket for our baby due June.  So those will be on the blog hopefully soon (especially the quilt!  eesh, the quilt top is done but the task of quilting it is daunting!).


Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm! 


  1. I didn't realise you were expecting, congratulations!! Isn't Prince William's baby due June or July? Maybe when they grow up they could be besties!

  2. I have a great long-arm quilting resource if you need her (and she is cheap!). The free-motion quilting is just something totally beyond me.....

  3. That is so sweet Christie! I love the orange stitching, it gives it the perfect touch. And I just made my first order from Girl Charlee and bought a couple of chevrons, yay!

  4. thanks for sharing the site for the chevron knit! I've been looking for it everywhere, and it's a pretty good price. Love the blanket!

  5. Love it! And it's so Rachel

  6. Love it, I am going to make. What kind of fabric did you use for the backing. Its hard to tell from the pic, is it that soft fleece?

  7. I made a baby blanket with a jersey knit and a flannel! It worked pretty well, I think. It was just a bit tricky to sew with all the stretching from both fabrics.

  8. Cute! I love the simplicity, it makes it even more masculine, somehow. And don't fret about the quilting- I practiced on scraps a lot, and now even if something goes wonky, I unpick and keep going. Plus, once it is washed, no one knows!

  9. Beautiful blanket Christie!

  10. After reading on CINO about the knit - I ordered some of the gray chevron. I just washed it and it's super soft. It would be perfect for a baby.

  11. I made a double sided knit blanket with binding for my daughter about a year ago and it worked really well and has held up great. I think it helped that one side was a sturdy interlock. I say go for it! http://www.crafterhoursblog.com/2012/01/what-i-made-for-3-knit-blanket.html?m=0


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