January 3, 2013

Family Tree {a Christmas gift}


When Jill from Homemade by Jill posted her adorable Family Tree HERE, I knew I wanted to someday make something similar because I love hers.  But this was for Dillon’s parents and they have a more rustic style. 


Dillon designed and made the frame for it, while I used my Silhouette machine for most of the rest.  I did use Microsoft Word for all the names and shapes, just using the shapes available in that program and cutting them out with scissors.  I tinted the backing for the names to match the heirloom white spray paint a little better.


I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  Though my preference in style leans closer to Jill’s family tree, this will fit in nicely with Dillon’s parents decor.  They seemed to really like it.  The best part is how easily more names can be added.  It was quite time consuming, but I did most of the gluing while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  Nothing like a great Christmas movie while making Christmas gifts!

Fullscreen capture 122013 93529 PM.bmp

I mod podged only the back of the leaves, tree shape, and names.  Before cutting out the names after printing, I sprayed the cardstock a few times with clear acrylic spray paint.  I also put a final few coats of clear acrylic spray paint and can do the same if needed after names are added (probably our little one on the way will be the last name added). 


Tree shape was a free one found online HERE.

Leaves are the same ones Jill used, called 4 leaves, by Lori Whitlock (she has a few fall leaves, so just search a bit and you’ll find it)

Shape of main names in blue and shape of other names were just available in Microsoft Word.


  1. I love this idea! We are moving into a new (to us) home soon and I think I will try one with a barnwood frame!

  2. This is so nice!!! Whatta personal gift! I save that idea for next christmas (maybe I should start already in October- it looks like lots of work)
    Have a wonderful, happy and healthy new year,

  3. That turned out beautiful and I am just in love with that frame. Great job!


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