March 1, 2013

Five on Friday

for five on friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Five on Friday!  Here we go!  I’m focusing on birthday celebrations and traditions.

1.  This weekend my second child, Mr. Sunshine, is turning 8.  Last year we started changing our parties to be only when they turn an odd number.  Best decision ever.  As much as I like to plan parties, it’s so much work and a lot of stress if I don’t get started when I should (meaning, always).  I am so happy to plan fun parties, but like I said, just a lot of work and this pregnant momma is exhausted so frequently these days that it worked out great this time.  This is him last year.  It’s amazing how much they can change in one year!  He’s really the sweetest kid ever.


2.  The last four years for my kids’ birthdays, I always make a birthday DVD recapping the previous year.  This is always a highlight of their birthday.  We snuggle up on the couch as a family and watch a 7-10 minute video that just shows favorite pictures, all playing as a slideshow to their current favorite songs.  I just use Windows Live Writer to make the video.  This is a picture taken while watching Poppy’s video in September. This is also a bit time-consuming but totally worth it.  My kids love taking out their DVD’s and playing them throughout the year.


3.  We always decorate their door while they sleep, also a long-standing tradition.  Since Mr. Sunshine’s b-day isn’t till this weekend, here’s another one from Poppy’s birthday last year.  Super simple but they love it.  We also decorate the kitchen area where we’ll be spending much of the day eating their favorite meals. 


4. IF you are planning a party, I do have a fun printable in case you haven’t seen it.  It helps organize your party planning.  You can find the post HERE

birthday party planner color


5.  And to recap some of the parties I’ve blogged about, here is a list for you:

Alien Party

Dinosaur Party

Butterfly Party

Star Wars Party

Ninjago Party

Indiana Jones Party

Magic Party

Ice Cream Party


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

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  1. I will definitely be using some of your boy birthday party ideas in the future! Thanks for sharing! Here are a couple of parties I've done for my munchkins if you want to check them out :)


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