February 20, 2014

Thank You {to you!} + some printables

Printables (Lemon Squeezy Home) 

I wanted to tell everyone who has followed Ruby’s story thank you—from my family to yours.  Thank you so very much for your love and support and kind words of comfort and encouragement!  It’s so wonderful to have this group of people cheering us on, and I just have to say THANK YOU!  From the bottom of our hearts.  I would give each one of you a giant hug if I could.  and then I’d buy you some hot chocolate and donuts and we could talk together. :)  But this is my little attempt at doing something for you.

 Thank You

My blog has changed over time with life events, and I am thankful for those who have stuck around and thankful for those who are new here.  I will still dabble in sewing and crafting, but it is a different season for my family right now and I’ve never been more content with how things are going on the blog front—I updated my ABOUT ME page (finally!) to represent myself and what you can expect here. 

8x10 Follow Your Heart Arrow

But honestly, there really is no way to fully express my thanks.  As I’ve stated before, we had so many amazing people help us through Ruby’s surgery. There were monetary gifts, presents sent, thoughtful notes and messages. It was just fabulous. Throughout it all I kept thinking how wonderful people are. And so I used two different sayings to create 6 different printables. The “follow your heart” quote makes perfect sense of course. The “wonderful world” quote is because THIS SONG kept running through my head every time someone did another act of kindness. Cheesy? Yes, but it’s true :). You’ll find the rest of them at the end of this post.

wonderful world

A big part of working through things has been blogging her surgery in detail (on my little family blog) and thanking people.  It felt so wonderful, yet completely inadequate, to write so many thank you’s.  These ones to her surgeon, her cardiologist, and the Cardiac ICU were especially emotional to write, but also very healing. 

healing thank you's

Printables were created using THESE fun vectors from thePENandBRUSH on Etsy. 

Download all the printables HERE

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  1. I love the printables, very very cute! Thank you! I'm so glad Ruby is doing so well. I've written thank yous to my doctors as well at times (especially the doctor that delivered my son and helped us avoid complications)! I think that they need to hear they do good things! I don't think very many people think to say thanks very often.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven't commented much, but have been reading along with your updates. I'm so happy that your little cutie is doing well. She is such a doll!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for coming back and reading:).

  3. I´m very happy that your little princess is so well.
    Kisses. :-)


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